When you bring your body out into the landscape, you’re bringing your body home to where it belongs. Because human bodies weren’t really made for offices, for streets and corners and tight places.
John O’Donohue
Photo by Ellen Tynan

Wilderness Retreats with The Impermanent Sangha (Dates in June, July & August)

Come join The Impermanent Sangha for wilderness retreats this summer in beautiful locations in Colorado and Utah (Rocky Mountain National Park, The Collegiate Peaks Wilderness and The Green River Wilderness).   The retreats combine formal practice in Insight/Vipassana meditation with mindfulness in the flow of the activity of backpacking or paddling.  The retreats are open to people with all levels of meditation experience.  Come and experience the joy and challenge of having Nature as  your dharma teacher!  For specific dates, registration and more information, please go to: http://impermanentsangha.com/Nature_Meditation_Retreats.html

June 28, 2013