When you bring your body out into the landscape, you’re bringing your body home to where it belongs. Because human bodies weren’t really made for offices, for streets and corners and tight places.
John O’Donohue
Photo by Ellen Tynan

Waking Up In the City

IMG_3301From my blog post published by The Center for Humans and Nature awhile back.  Check it out if you’re a city mouse like me who longs for more connection with nature.

As nature philosopher David Abram says, ‘The human body is not a closed or static object, but an open unfinished entity utterly entwined with the soils, waters and winds that move through it…’ Spending time in nature, as I did at the beach a few weeks ago, helps us to see more clearly our inter-connectedness with the world around us, our place in the flow and a greater awareness of it all. When we return to the city, we bring nature’s teachings home with us where they remind us of the fundamental truth that we ourselves are nature and that ultimately we don’t need to travel to tap into its gifts.”


Wild Presence on the Radio!

Had a fun conversation with Rob Schmidt in September for the Mystical Positivist radio show.  Rob and his partner, Stuart Goodnick, describe “The Mystical Positivist,”  as dedicated to the application of reason in the pursuit of spiritual practice and development.  The format aims to challenge and be a bit controversial to counter what they see as the New Age community’s overly romantic picture of “the gritty pursuit of spiritual transformation.”  Not sure how ‘gritty’ we got, but the conversation ranged from the joy of wandering aimlessly in the woods to how the natural world can help teach us who and what we are.  I hope you enjoy it!

Radio Interview – Mystical Positivist