All good things are wild, and free.
Henry David Thoreau
Photo by Ellen Tynan

Welcome to Wild Presence

Wildadj – living in a natural state;  Presencen – the state of being present, of existing now.

Meditation is an ancient practice through which we can begin to understand our minds and ourselves in the most profound way.   Whether we sit on a cushion at home or by a stream in the deep woods, the practice of meditation will present its wonders and challenges. So why meditate in nature? Spiritual practices in nature and wilderness are a part of almost every culture and tradition. From the Buddha’s awakening under the bodhi tree to the vision quest of a shaman, for thousands of years, people have gone into nature to explore and begin to answer their deepest questions. The universality of these practices shows that humans have understood for millennia that the earth, the sky and the other beings here with us have something to teach us about ourselves and our place in the universe.  Entering the woods or mountains or even a city park, 0ur senses wake up, our awareness comes alive and our persona drops away – as if by magic Nature calls us to presence. The “wild” in us– that which is our truest nature – is called home.

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